Scraping solutions for retailers thriving to stay competitive.

A seller who has got the most competitive price is likely to sign off more sales. Price your products with the help of competitor data that is scraped, structured, and updated at Scrapeworks.

How does scraping competitor prices help you?

Boost sales and profit margins

Price your products intelligently, by gathering insights from competitor data to learn their strategies and analyze trends

Get insightful pricing reports

Track, analyze, and make intelligent pricing moves and optimal pricing decisions with freshly scraped data available in reports

Get alerts or notifications on updates

Stay notified about any price changes that help you stay at par with the changing pricing strategies

Get recommendations of the best prices

Get the most competitive and profitable pricing recommendations from our experts

How does Scrapeworks help you gain a grip over the competition?

Robust and cohesive

Scrapeworks is built to handle inconsistent formats. You can scrape data out of any source held in any format. If you want data points like pricing, textual information like product descriptions and reviews or digital assets like images, you got it!

Built to scale

No matter what the magnitude of competitor data or the hidden sources are, our tool is designed to manage the volume and variety that can scrape any volume of data in any format. You can gain insightful information that do not compromise over accuracy.

Reduce cost and complexity

Think of all the time and resources you would be investing in manual data gathering. Our bots are ready to roll out to get you the cleanest, complete, and structured information, just so that you can save your time and efforts.

Automate routine tasks

Prices and product information constantly change, at regular intervals due to the frequent feature updates or altering the prices to stay competitive. You don’t have to lose on the updates as you can schedule your scrapes - monthly, weekly, and even daily.

How does it work?


Tell us your scraping requirements.


You can tell us the websites from which you need pricing information


We examine the feasibility of the requirement and launch our bots to aggregate the pricing information.


With your customizable dashboard, you can stay informed of routine changes, gather insights and close more deals.

Don’t let the brightest sales opportunities slide away due to sloppy pricing.