Adaptable automated job scraper

Organize your job listings and attract prospective candidates utilizing ML technique through Scrapeworks. Increase your customer base and revenue while our bots handle all the technical aspects.

Scrape job feeds to change your recruitment game


Single out the right candidate by aggregating profiles based on the skills, experience, and location. Build a good candidate relationship by having your own talent pool to reduce the hiring time.

Job Aggregators

Keep your listings fresh while eliminating duplicate and expired postings. Find the organizations that are currently hiring and partner for new collaboration. Optimize your listings catering to specific demands like skill, industry, and/or location.

Gear up your recruitment game with scraped data

The HR fraternity has to deal with an extensive amount of data. Any good recruiter will understand the importance of data and try to weave it into their various hiring stages, right from identifying prospective candidates through enhancing your retention strategy.

How Scrapeworks can speed up your hiring process

Bang for your buck

We optimize your price based on your requirement with no hidden cost. Be charged only for what you demand.

No in-house IT team

Worried about installation and setting up the crawlers? Do not fret. Let us handle all the technical aspects while you ascend over the results.

Increased revenue in less time

Our bot crew generates an extensive set of job listings in no time for your needs. This will drive more traffic to your site thus increasing your overall profit.

Stay atop the competition

Scrapeworks fetches clean and latest job feeds to strengthen your market value. Understand the market trend and attract a diverse range of audience by listing the current jobs.

Our bots are working for over 15+ years now, scouring the web and retrieving the latest job listings, salary, trend, skills, and location from company career pages, newspaper’s job columns, aggregator sites, and job boards. ASK FOR A DEMO

Form an efficient team with our scraping solutions.