“Don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing, you just focus on you.”

Well, this is great for life, but definitely does not hold good for a digital marketer.

For marketers, it has always been the struggle to overshadow competition and emerge successfully. Turns out, just a good product or service is not really sufficient to sustain and lead the market. It takes a lot of planning, a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, and a lot of groundwork before implementing a strategy.

Talking of research and analysis, the very foundation for building an effective planning is through information. There’s tons of information all around the web that is waiting to be injected to extract a fresh impetus.

The process of web data scraping is the secret element to gush the information that you need in one go.

With such tons of inputs and in-depth industry knowledge, your marketing glory is just waiting to strike that one chord for your efforts to fizzle out. You need the data that you know you want in such a structured manner that would help you make remarkable insights and nurture your campaigns.

Now, we’ll help you figure out some areas in which the process of web data extraction,  in an easily digestible format, will help you put together the most rewarding ad campaigns, email marketing, lead generation, content generation, and social media campaigns that you’ve always wanted.

Let’s get this done, one by one.

Conquering the competition

Some are just more successful than you are. Intense competition encourages you to thrive and achieve benchmarks that have been already set. Competition research or the understanding of the entire landscape is not about reinventing the wheel. But just understanding the strategies that have been trialed, tested, and succeeded and make steps to match it or surpass it.

“If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded” – Tony Robbins

The competitor websites are goldmines of information. Say, for instance, you want to know what your competitors are up to in terms of the events they attend, the pricing information on what their pricing plans are, or if they have any offers going on and the features attached to it. Web scraping will help you fetch this data from across the competitive landscape to feed your business moves.

Also, the websites have some important data like the next big business innovation, product launches, leadership changes all hidden in web pages like news, blogs, about us, and the leadership pages.

A frequent monitoring of data scraped from these pages will help you plan ahead and rethink your ideas. This first-hand information available through data collection in such structured formats will help you sneak into the competition and clash with them to prove an edge in the most subtle way

Deal with demography

There’s no way in the present era to easily hijack your customer attention. Customers like attention, they appreciate the ease of use and appeal to sentiments. You cannot run a successful marketing show by just appealing to the customers with your products. It is moving towards establishing an emotional connect by being more understanding and sensitive to customer needs. Segmentation of the audience is being omitted quite often which in fact is the most crucial piece to conversions.

If you observe keenly, demography is a huge concept that requires thorough analysis. A data-driven marketing is one that probes clarity into your efforts by allowing critical data like financial position, gender, lifestyle, life stage, and geography to breed into the way your messages should be and the right time it is required to reach them. Understanding the target audience in a well-rounded manner will make your campaigns a lot more relevant, meaningful, goal-oriented, and a conversion magnet.

Now, the demography data is the analysis required to be further run upon the database of your target audience. You can either get this information directly from them which is known as the self-reported data which is a tedious process in itself. This is where a third-party data service provider like scraping can help you attach the demographic element to the customer database. This information is mostly sourced from the census bureau or the public records sources, social media and business networking sites, craigslist and a lot more.  The data scraped from these sources will help you better understand the audience, enabling clarity, and send out more targeted campaigns.

If you think your campaigns fail, look at the bigger picture and perform the demographic anatomy.

King-size content generation

Brainstorming for new ideas and getting past the writer’s block has been the greatest challenges for content creators. It is not easy to bring originality to every post you write. Originality in writing is in fact overrated. A pinch of personality into writing and adding fresh angles and twists to something that is already created is as good as original content idea generation.

As a digital marketer, I am sure you are aware of tools like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs that help in blog idea generation. These tools are fantastic as they bring to you content already tested and trialed on the internet, what has been well appreciated, outperforming similar content in the search results and most shared on the internet. This kind of attention that the subject has received is what you must capitalize upon and begin working.

So, you think you should sign up for Buzzsumo or Ahrefs?

Wait. Not yet.

Though the concept is phenomenal, this does not come with affordability. They charge you a lumpsum buck that will make you step back. If you see, the fundamentals of a tool like this are the concept of scraping. It is just the branding called “buzzsumo” that makes it expensive. You can always go in for an equally, well a tad bit better alternative like scraping.

Web data scraping can give you additional volumes of information for the keywords you are looking for in a nice and compressed manner on excel sheets to help you fuel content ideas.

You see that? Simple and elegant.

Also, did we mention extremely cost-effective?

Luxurious lead generation

Lead generation has always been a painful time-taking task. The potential prospects’ contact details to who you intend to communicate your marketing messages are spread across the web in the form of email addresses on websites, social media, and business networking sites, and various other sources.

Getting the email ids through inbounds sure is an effective way, but it drains your time and energy. Also, you will not have volumes of contact information in your database through this inbound exercise.  This is where a tool that instantly scrapes data in volumes within a quick TAT will come in handy. Not only is it time-saving but also more cost-effective as compared to expensive tools like discover.org and  insideview.

These tools, in fact, use the scraping technique in the back-end and put a hole in your pocket through fat pricing. As marketers, you’ve got to be more assertive in choice-making, particularly on the budget front.

A tool like Scrapeworks is instant, trust-worthy, and gets you leads based on the pre-determined criteria (geography, designation, industry etc.) in the most structured format that makes planning targeted campaigns a more exciting job.

Sensational social media tracking

People are getting obsessive with social media presence in the present day. You can see tweets about the new purchases, stories on recommending products to followers, thrashing a brand for the poor shopping experience, and what not! This is particularly on the bright side for a digital marketer on so many levels. There’s something known as the UGC (user-generated content) where your followers recommend you to their followers by mentioning your handles.

What are you going to do about it?

Enjoy the appreciation and ignore the negativity?


This information has so much potential to redefine your strategies into more realistic and performing actions. You have customers writing reviews for your products, giving feedback, registering concerns and you have competitors who are innovating with interesting content. Every bit of this is important and meant to be put into scrutiny.

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Scraping this information will help you dig into the reality and gain insights as to how good or bad your performance is to tweak your planning to keep it customer-oriented. You can perform deep sentiment analysis that can forever change the way you offer customer experiences – only more personalized and relevant to this data. Instead of just crossing your fingers, plugging away – start analyzing the data about who’s saying what about your brand to effectively rethink your strategies.

Intelligent influencer marketing

There are so many potential endorsers out there who can resonate with your audience better than you yourself. This is the clan with a commendable following on social media and who also publish content that gets virally shared shaking twitter within seconds of posting.

Now, these influencers are not easy to reach out to, even if you try your luck, you may get them onboard once for which you may have to spend a lot of time and effort. So, instead of looking for an extravaganza in influencer tie-ups you must target the micro and the nano influencers who are relatively easier to contact and more in number.

Now, how do you identify them?

These influencers are not just on Twitter and Instagram. Also, just identifying them does not help you achieve your goal. You must look for information about what content they post, what post they care to share opinions about as comments, and who they write for.

Scraping this information will help you study the group who can likely become the advocates for your brand. By analyzing these sentiments, you’ll know exactly how to approach them with confidence knowing the kind of work and content that actually interests them.

Wrapping Up

It is infuriating to learn your efforts are busted. You slave and carefully plan every step of your efforts and yet not able to achieve what you intended to. This is more common among digital marketers, as there is just so many strategies to figure out, constant brainstorming for ideas, polishing of sentences to be just perfect.

While so much effort goes into creating the collateral, the groundwork and the promotions are not given the best thought in terms of better ideas and identifying the right prospects. As much as content creation is important, research and distribution are important too.

That is where collating the right information gets into the picture. Data is distributed in so many formats and a lot of sources. Identifying and getting this information in a structured manner will help you analyze the trends and sentiments. This is where Scrapeworks will help you architect the information you need in the most desirable manner.

Fulfill your data scraping needs in the most fashionable manner with us 😀


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